Trainz Simulator: Classic Cabon City
Creator: Roger Cabo -

When I first saw the possibilities of Trainz, it was my biggest wish to develop and own Add-On. I wanted to create a diversity of different models to animate them and to admire them in Trainz. This inspired me to create my first Add-On Modula City in 2004.

My intention was to make it as easy as possible, so that the gamer doesn't have to pay attention to extensive trivia. The accurate fitting parts for houses and streets were developed so that you can put them together easily by rotation. In particular, I would like to thank David (Marinus) for making the game scripts work which make it possible to define routes through the city.

When Modula City was completed after two years and appealed to the gamers, I wanted to realize a completely new concept. The new city should be bigger but also look more realistic at the same time.

We needed six months to develop new techniques. We wanted to provide many different blocks with the same textures without them getting loaded over and over. A new object was created which made it possible to put different textures in so that it doesn't reload again and again.

Then it came to planning the city, which took almost six months. We reached the limits of size and complexity for single components. Then it was finally done and I went along the lonely path of computer modeling. It took a long time until the first block was done, and I never would have imagined that this would be so extremely time-consuming.

Months passed by and the city grew and grew, only in small steps though.

Believe me, there were many times where I just wanted to push a "delete all" button and go on with other things. But I started so I needed to finish it. After three years of hard work, it was finally done and the puzzle of buildings, lights and trams was pieced together. Classic Cabon City was completed. The city just looks fantastic, with all its exceptional ideas, places and curiosities. Don't miss this great product! I wish you a lot of fun and excitement with Classic Cabon City and thank you for reading.

Roger Cabo

Many thanks to David (Marinus), he implemented the scripts for the city and railways, even though he was busy with school and work.

And thanks to the following people:
  • Rob Shaw (Auran)
  • Lionel Thomas (Auran)
  • Tony Hillam (Auran)
  • Graham Edelsten (Auran)
  • Chris Bergmann (Auran)
  • Gareth Pavlich (Auran)
  • Aidan Milott (Auran)

  • Andreas Leicht (
  • Volker Riek (
  • Eric Smith (

  • Coerni - For assistance of the GT6
  • Vendel - For great screenshots of the Skies Deluxe Series
  • Suhela A.
  • Elke A.
  • Ralf K.

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